Thursday, March 31, 2011

In A Man's World...

To all the women not afraid to get their hands dirty,

I realize with my field of choice - the automotive industry, that my job opportunities are pretty limited. I dove in head first knowing that I'd be facing a lot of hardship. But there is something about hearing it dead on from someone who works for the guy you want to work for that just sinks the dream a little bit. Knowing that I have one less shop I can work in, kinda hits you in the stomach. Hearing that, "Don't bother applying here, the manager is a sexist a--hole and won't hire any women." That, just that... Its enough to make me stop and think, 'Great, and I was being so respectful and friendly...'

Still though, at the same time I'm thinking, 'I'll show them, I'll be the person... No. The WOMAN that everyone brings their car too for any issue. And they'll regret ever tossing me out the window.' Its empowering to a point - as much (maybe more) as how much it disappoints, it empowers myself to do better. To prove what I can do and to own up to any mistakes - if any.

So to all the women who get their hands dirty, when they let you down - stand back up. Stand tall and stand strong, knowing that you are better that anyone who puts you down. And know they will look to you in the future and say, "F--k... I should have hired HER instead...."

Empowered is our mindset, ready are our bodies because we can handle anything.

a Mechanical Rose